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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Spheres, Orbs, and Flower Balls!

When my staff comes into the shop and they see a ton of floral foam, or various foam balls, or me sitting on the floor whittling away at huge designer blocks staked together, or buckets and buckets of button mums or spray can only mean one thing...we're going to Make Some Balls! (flower balls... that is) And then it begins - the tedious but oh so worth it task of poking hundreds of flower heads into sometimes ridiculously heavy round foam shapes. If I can hang it, I will do it. I love balls...and so the jokes begin! ...Yes, as I am sure you can imagine, snickering leads to laughing and eventually some of the silliest jokes about flower balls...comments made in the shop usually after the monotony of plugging toothpicks and stems for hours has finally gotten to us all. The result...Absolutely Stunning!

If our precious little flower girls are too tiny to drop petals (a task for an 18 month old which is sometimes just a little out of their grasp of understanding) or the church has a strict policy of "No Petals on Our Carpet" or we are pushing our spherical or dotted theme throughout the whole wedding... a sweet "kissing ball" created of little blooms suspended by a ribbon loop is the perfect answer. The difficulty is only in making sure the florets are secure for the little princesses to carry...for there is nothing worse than a bunch of flowers falling out or that the ribbons aren't secure and we have a bowling alley situation. Typically made of soft petaled spray roses or sturdy stemmed daisies and button mums and adjusted to a small size for even the tiniest hands to hold, the kissing ball is so sweet that nobody will care if there aren't petals down the aisle, for all eyes will be on the flower child and her beautiful little pomander ball.

Is there a ceiling that I can hang things from or a tree branch that I can get to? Then if you give me permission, I will hang a flower orb from it. Who needs a disco ball when you can have one made entirely out of flowers? Too many plates and glasses on the table? No problem, I'll hang the arrangement over your table! Having a ceremony under a huge tree? Please, oh please let me hang flower balls above you or your path to the altar! Tent top looking a little bare? I think some flower balls will do the trick...

Flower spheres do not have to be compact, roundy-moundy shapes, either. As a matter of fact, the larger balls look fabulous with radiating sprays of orchids and stock and belles of Ireland. Dr. Seuss inspired design...the funkier the better... will make your ceiling beautiful.

Floating balls in a pool or a lake are absolutely divine. Tricky to make? You bet! They have a tendency if not created absolutely roll...not good at all! But these beauties are awe-inspiring, particularly when combined with floating LED light balls. They must be used in groupings to get the true effect you were going for, and the size needs to be larger, using bigger headed flowers. Roses, hydrangea, peonies, fuji mums, and carnations make really great floating balls. These aren't inexpensive either because they take so much time and so many flowers to make them full, but yes, they are worth it.
My other absolute favorite spherically floral technique? Table flower balls on beautiful glass pedestals- alone or grouped with smaller versions and even moss covered balls. These are not in the air, nor several feet away in a they have to be perfect. Each bloom must be cared for and not smushed! to avoid bruising or breakage.

In my opinion, not every table should have one of these though. Mixing tables with tall designs, suspended designs, container designs, and our ball designs makes for a most interesting collage to fill up the room. Use the balls wisely! Just a few can have as much impact as many, if used in just the right places.

 "Wow, Aime you really have the prettiest flower balls I have ever seen" Thanks <3
as well as other shots we randomly found off the internet