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Friday, October 29, 2010


A term used loosely for our staff, one that represents a grouping of silly terms we like to "greenerization", "grassization", "branchization", "ribbonization", and the all too well-used "votivization". Anything that I say with regards to finishing up a piece or all the pieces after initial assembly, usually ends in
"-ization". But the one with the most impact, the one that always seems to be happening at my "Orchidization".
Typically here is the situation...there's 15 minutes left before guests arrive...time for "Orchidization"! Hurry and plug long sprays of orchids into anything that holds still! We wait to add the orchids until the arrangements are on the tables because they have a tendency to break in transport. Don't forget the orchids...They're the best part!
But the use of orchids is not quite as simple as just plugging them into arrangements on our way out the door. Orchids are a staple at my shop. There are thousands of things to do with orchids and thousands of orchids to choose from. I feel like Bubba in Forrest Gump..."submerged orchids, hanging orchids, floating orchids, orchids on branches, orchids on ribbons, orchids in bouquets, orchid corsages, orchid florets on an aisle, orchids in a vase, orchids for your hair, orchid garlands, orchid leis, orchid chandeliers, orchid sprays, orchid projections, orchid plants, etc etc" I could go on for days like old Bubba, just talking about things to do with these little beauties. I love orchids, all of them, and I will use them until the last day of my designs.
 Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, Cattaleya, Oncidium, James Stori, Calypso, Rein...there are so many it would take way too many pages to name them all. But though the names are hard to say, what they represent is simple, just simple beauty.  I was told the other day I should write a book "101 ways to decorate with orchids". Well, I suppose I could, but I'd rather keep some of these little secrets to myself!
I recently hung ribbons around a dance floor and glued orchids along the lengths. Stunning.
Bouquets and Bridal Party Flowers and Buttonholes almost always get some orchids. I just can't resist them.

I have made chandeliers of hundreds of blooms. Breathtaking.

 I have glued them to curly willow, manzanita, birch, and various cut down branches (my poor neighbors, if they only knew!) to make blooming branches in seasons when there weren't any available or when blooming branches didn't come in that color. Ethereal and Awe striking.

Centerpieces. Yummy.
I have painted white orchids peach and even a very unnatural blue when the job called for that color. Bewildering.
I have made glorious tree and dance floor hanging balls of them. Go Flower Disco!
I have floated hundreds of the florets in a pond. Poor little that algae?

The pictures throughout show just a glance of my favorite little fat juicy flower. Some designs are mine, a few from un-known sources, and a couple from my idol, Mr. Preston Bailey. But the trends, no matter what year we may be in, will always involve our curious and inspiring little orchid. Let Orchidization Rule!